Contact Improvisation Workshop

Join fellow movement explorers and dancers for this half-day quick dive into the fundamentals of Contact Improvisation: a dance movement form that’s fun, evolving and tends to nurture a deep body-mind connection.

If you’re interested in Contact Improv but aren’t quite sure where to start: this is the perfect place to start.




Saturday, December 12, 11:30am – 4pm at the Downtown Dance Collective, Missoula, MT.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a good grasp of some of the basic principles underlying contact improvisation, like:

– giving weight to, and receiving weight from, your partner in an ongoing dance of fluid, easy movements (this is so, so awesome; a note for those who haven’t fully experienced it)

– lifting your partner, and being lifted, with ease and without injury

– slow, meditative movement meeting energetic, acrobatic movements — and the transitions in between

– the joy of spontenaity, and some guidance on what to do when you feel stuck

– initiating and ending a dance while staying connected to your center


Come as you are. If you sign up with a partner, great, but it’s certainly not required and, in fact, we will be changing partners throughout the workshop.

Please note you are not registered for the workshop until you’ve paid, via one of the paypal links below.


We’ve done our best to make this affordable for anyone who wants to attend. Thus, we offer three entry rates, as described below. Please search your heart, soul and bank account, and we totally trust you to decide what’s best. All are welcome.

Please click one of the links/rates below.

Student Rate ($20): economically deprived students and the underemployed.

Regular Rate ($30): employed, tho’ without much financial wiggle room.

Supporter Rate ($40): self-sustained, and contributing to something like the “student rate” being possible.

Alternately, pay any of the above rates with check or cash. Please contact me directly to arrange that.

We’d love to really encourage folks to sign up, via one of the links above, as soon as possible and definitely before the day of (if that’s even an option, i.e. if there’s still space).

We’ll have a MAXIMUM of 12 students for this session.

Plus, there’s a big power in commitment. As you know.


I’ve been dancing since I had socks and a kitchen floor, and teaching contact improvisation since 2012. For me, movement practices in general go very deep, and contact is consistently one of the most ingriguing, engaging and hard to fully grasp practice I know of. I am never, ever bored with it.

Most of my teaching has been in dance and yoga studios in Seattle, and I’m really looking forward to bringing my iteration of this form to Missoula. There are so many talented movers and teachers of movement here, it’s a sweet honor to be among them.

I have a bodywork practice, in which I also teach movement, and that’s here: