* Access my online schedule here *

*for an initial consultation — i.e. if you’re curious but have questions before signing up for a session — please contact me via email and we can set up a time to meet, or chat / email.

This is structurally-based bodywork, with the express purpose of helping you feel more at home in your own bones and skin, i.e. being strong, pain-free and upright without having to fight your posture, and decreasing or eliminating altogether chronic pain.

This is lasting, significant, life-changing work.

[Our work] has given me a new lease on life. After 6 years of pain and suffering, my wife says I now look and act 10 years younger. — Ed, contractor + father

  • Cost is $110 per session.
  • Sessions are 75 min.

How: Either book an online session (easiest for most people) …

… or if you’d prefer, email me here — bowler (dot) liam (at) gmail (dotcom) — with a one or two preferred days and times, to setup your first session.

The work you did was so gentle, sometimes almost imperceptible. But the results are so astounding. Dan G (read more here)

A Bit More on What We Can Do Together:

  • 12 sessions, or a full KMI Structural Integration series. I have yet to go through a series with anyone who wasn’t super happy with their decision to have committed, to have said yes and done it. A KMI series is a journey, profound and often life-changing. Almost certainly, you’ll end a different person than you began, in a really good way. Read more about KMI here.

Best bodywork I’ve ever had.  Times ten. — Emily, preschool teacher + triathlete

  • 3 – 5 sessions: a kind of mini-series, often a follow up for folks who have already done an SI series, though a wonderful and effective number of sessions regardless.

I feel amazed at what your work was able to accomplish in the first two sessions. Looking forward to the third. — Mary A, psychiatrist + mother

  • 1 session: this is where we all start anyway, no? If you feel like “sounds interesting, but I don’t know …” then great, I’d recommend just book one session.

Update: 11 hours outside last weekend – moving almost the whole time with full rack/rope in boots/crampons – ZERO numbness.  Huge victory.  Thanks so much! — David, father + owner of Inner Icon Fitness, after one session

Other Logistics:

  • My office is downtown Missoula, on the NE corner of Higgins at Main St: 210 N Higgins, Suite 220.
  • I’ll send you a follow up email, with directions and a couple other preparations, when you book a session.

Cheers, Liam

*Please note: my “billing rate” is $180/hr, which will only apply if I have to bill you for our session for any reason. (I.e. if you pay at the end of the session, this doesn’t apply to you.)

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