Your First Appointment

Here’s how to make your first appointment, and a few guidelines.

  • Please bring something you feel comfortable standing and moving in that also allows access to the tissues we’re working with. The less clothing that’s covering your skin, generally speaking, the better, of course within your comfort range. For most people, a normal underwear/bra setup serves this purpose. A swimsuit can also work well.
  • If you’d like, fill out my intake form before you come in. If not, don’t worry; I’ll have one for you at the office.
  • If you’d like to have your picture taken as a “before” photo to see your structural changes (a common practice, though only if you want to; it’s entirely for your benefit), please bring your own camera. I do have one at the studio we can use if you don’t own one. The camera on your phone is fine.

Please email or call with any questions. See you soon!