By the time [our work] was complete I was taller, more energetic, and confident in my own body. Normally when I run it’s more of a chore, fighting with my body to keep momentum. But, this time everything felt fluid and strong and I was able to run longer than usual. I had no idea how much that tension was holding me back.

— Jenny, actress + painter

Update on the shoulder: It doesn’t hurt at all anymore. Never.

—Anna, film producer + mother

When I started working with Liam I was in pain 6 days out of 7 from two herniated discs.  My level of physical activity had steadily decreased over the previous year which was very discouraging.  Over the 6 months of our work together, I slowly started to see a decrease in the number of days of pain each week, and was also able to steadily increase my activity level.  My “pain free days” have increased to most of the time, and more importantly, I know what I need to do to get out of pain.  Liam is a kind, caring and very intuitive healer, who I enjoyed working with immensely.

— Karen, VP of finance + yogi

Thanks … after our session, I had the best dance followed by the best game of tennis of my life.

—Roni, consultant + athlete

I was referred to Liam for treatment in my recovery from 5 back fusion operations. I was suffering from extreme pain and weakness in my left leg and lower back. I felt as though I was walking on sharp glass and was not able to climb stairs without support. Walking was difficult and tiring, as I had to learn to walk again after my 5 surgeries. 
Liam did an evaluation and proposed a treatment program that has provided me with much appreciated pain relief and increased mobility and strength.
Liam’s knowledge of how the body mechanics work and how to free up the body’s own restorative capabilities has given me a new lease on life. After 6 years of pain and suffering, my wife says I now look and act 10 years younger.
I would highly recommend Liam to anyone who is suffering  as I once was.

—Ed, contractor + father

I stopped twice this morning in the utter darkness, with my dogs in tow, to take several deep high chest breaths and to just check my body. It felt great. The leg issue is a non-issue since I saw you on Tuesday.

— Dan, hunter + outdoorsman

Update: 11 hours outside last weekend – moving almost the whole time with full rack/rope in boots/crampons – ZERO numbness.  Huge victory.  Thanks so much!

— David, father + owner of Inner Icon Fitness

I feel amazed at what your work was able to accomplish in the first two sessions. Looking forward to the third.

—Mary A, psychiatrist + mother

Best bodywork I’ve ever had.  Times ten.  

—Emily, preschool teacher + triathlete

I felt like Liam was just as motivated as I was to see improvement in my body. I was most impressed in how he listened to my concerns and areas I wanted to address. Many times in the past I have worked with massage therapists and I wonder if they heard anything I said regarding areas I’d like work on. I’d highly recommend working with Liam.

—Brian, physical therapist + climber

I’ve been noticing big changes in my body, now for days after our last session.

—Lola, restaurant server + yogini

I immediately felt very safe in the space, and was able to relax deeply during the session.  I left feeling revitalized and energized.

—Christen K, teacher + backpacker