About Liam


I’m Liam Bowler, a licensed massage therapist, structural bodyworker, musician and rock climbing guide (among other things, of course).

My background is largely as an educator, beginning in high school with teaching taekwondo to all ages (though the most memorable, for sure, was the 4-6 year old class). I’ve also spent many years taking people into the mountains and up rock faces as a wilderness educator (largely with Outward Bound, a really wonderful program).

And it was largely injuries and the associated pain from taekwondo, climbing and shlepping around a too-heavy backpack that led me to wanting to, needing to, better understand bodies in general and my own in particular. Like … why does my knee hurt so bad when I’m only 24?

In my search, I found manual therapy to be an amazing part of my healing, particularly for old shoulder and forearm injuries that had plagued me for years. I began to practice a bit with techniques that I’d experienced or read about, first on myself and friends, and finally officially going to school for massage therapy.

It’s really cool to see how all my life experience has seemed to line up perfectly to bring me here, doing the work I’m doing. I rely hugely on the kinesthetic awareness I gained from the martial arts, and the touch sensitivity from rock climbing, in my practice every day.

As we work together, too, you’ll probably notice that the educator in me is still quite alive and well. As in, it’s important to me not only that we’re moving around this or adjusting that in your body, but that you understand as much of what’s going on as you care to handle.

As an aside, too, if you’re interested in other things I do, for a living and otherwise, like mountain guiding or playing music, have a look around my other site.