About DAB

Dynamic Alignment Bodywork speaks to an easeful alignment within the force we’re all under, all the time: gravity. It’s meant to be dynamic and adaptable in the real world of our lives (meaning, this work isn’t about getting perfectly aligned and then going and sitting in a cave, never again to disrupt a fragile equilibrium).

We’ll move towards this dynamic alignment by working with your body in relationship to itself. For example, how well is your pelvis supported by your legs? That pelvic support, or lack of, can hugely affect the health of your spine and back.

That’s another important pillar of this work: the interconnectedness of the physical body. As in, we can’t work on part of the body without affecting the whole.

That’s why, odd as it may seem at first, you may experience a chronic pain in your neck that ultimately stems from an old ankle injury. Or plantar fasciitis that we may trace to an abdominal surgery when you were a child, or to years of working behind a desk at a computer.

Of course, it might not be that complex, too. Working skillfully with whatever presents itself is the science and art of it.

Here’s a bit on what that work might look like.