Dynamic Alignment Bodywork + KMI Structural Integration in Bellingham, WA

700 Dupont St, Bellingham, WA 98225


In my heart, this work is about helping people arrive more fully into a direct, embodied experience of being alive. Side effects include decreasing or eliminating chronic pain, freeing up old injuries, and an overall sense of deep vitality!

You can book an appointment online here*, or learn more about my approach and philosophy through my podcast The Body Awake, my writing, or videos I’ve made.

The modalities I work with are KMI Structural Integration, and craniosacral therapy.

*for an initial consultation — i.e. if you’re curious but have questions before signing up for a session — please contact me via email and I can answer questions there, or we can set up a time to talk over the phone.

My name’s Liam Bowler. I’m a bodyworker, licensed massage therapist, personal trainer, and a board-certified KMI Structural Integration practitioner.

Cheers to our real, lasting and integrated health,

Liam Bowler, LMP, BCSI

WA License MA60160115
IASI Board Certified Structural Integrator

* Please note: all rates on the online site are for payment at time of service. If I have to bill you for any reason, that rate for all sessions is $210/hr.