Dynamic Alignment Bodywork + KMI Structural Integration in Bellingham, WA

Welcome to Dynamic Alignment Bodywork, in Bellingham, WA (with regular travel clinic dates in Seattle and Missoula, MT).

My bodywork practice is on pause until further notice. Please feel free to contact me in the interim with any questions, comments or just to reach out.

Also check out my podcast, The Body Awake. It’s on iTunes here.

Or learn more about my work below, or through my writing or videos I make.

*for an initial consultation — i.e. if you’re curious but have questions before signing up for a session — please contact me via email and we can set up a time to meet, or chat / email.

My name’s Liam Bowler. I’m a bodyworker, licensed massage therapist, personal trainer, and a board-certified KMI Structural Integration practitioner.

Cheers to our real, lasting and integrated health,

Liam Bowler, LMP, BCSI

WA and MT
Licensed Licensed Massage Practitioner/Therapist
IASI Board Certified Structural Integrator