What It’ll Be Like

First, welcome! It’ll be nice to meet you if we haven’t already.

Next, if you haven’t already, I’ll have you fill out my intake form. We’ll also take a minute to chat about what’s bringing you in to see me.

Once we feel clear on why you’re here, and answered any questions you have, you’ll change into your bodywork garments (see what to bring). From there, I’ll do a postural assessment. This looks like you standing for 5 – 15 minutes while we get a good sense of how your body is aligning itself in gravity. As always, if you have any questions about what’s going on during this time or any, you can ask me.

From there, we’ll move on to the actual bodywork, the bulk of our session. This will happen with you lying on a table sometimes and on sitting on a bench sometimes, with intermittent bouts of standing to assess our progress.

Our session will end with me leaving the room to allow you time to stay laying down for a moment if you’d like, and to change into your street clothes. You’ll pay me for our work together after all this.

Because the bodyreading (postural assessment) is such a unique part of this work, I pulled this from my Q & A.

Q: What’s with the bodyreading?

A: This is a big part of what makes this work so unique and powerfully effective. The start of each session, and more briefly throughout, you’ll stand in your undergarments and we’ll get a good sense of your posture, i.e. where your bones are in the space of your soft tissue system, and that will largely inform the work we do.

This really isn’t about “good posture/bad posture” or “you should be doing this or that.” It’s about working most skillfully for you and your body. Every body, every session, will be different, and this is a big part of determining those differences. It’s a really great part of the work.