Dynamic Alignment Bodywork + KMI Structural Integration

The work you did was so gentle, sometimes almost imperceptible. But the results are so astounding.Dan G (read more here)

Hello! I am in Missoula, Montana, as a home base for the next six months, i.e. through summer. (I’ll also take a couple trips to Seattle in there to work, and play, as well.)

Here’s the lowdown on working with me here in Missoula.

Welcome to Dynamic Alignment Bodywork
: bodywork and movement coaching to help you discover your body’s innate balance, strength and mobility.

My name’s Liam Bowler. I’m a licensed massage therapist, personal trainer, and a board certified KMI structural integration practitioner.

To set up a time to work together, either in person or via Skype, click here.

Cheers to our real, lasting and integrated health,

Liam Bowler, LMP, BCSI

WA State License MA60160115
IASI Board Certified Structural Integrator