Questions? Answers!

Have a question you don’t see answered? Either shoot me an email or ask in the comment section below.

Is this style of bodywork for me?

That’s a great question. And without knowing more about you, I don’t know. I will say you’re likely to get the most out of our sessions together if you’re willing and excited to be engaged in your own healing and alignment. Sessions with me tend to shoo away anyone who wants to go docile for an hour (which can be great! that’s just not what I do).

Will this fix the pain in my [fill in body part here]?

Quite possibly. That’s certainly the aim of this work, ultimately: to free your body from less-than-optimal patterns which usually end up as pain somewhere in your system.

If for whatever reasons our sessions together aren’t what’s best for you right now, I’ll use all my resources to help you find a more effective practitioner and modality.

What’s with the bodyreading?

This is a big part of what makes this work so unique and powerfully effective. The start of each session, and more briefly throughout, you’ll stand in your undergarments and we’ll get a good sense of your posture, i.e. where your bones are in the space of your soft tissue system, and that will largely inform the work we do.

This really isn’t about “good posture/bad posture” or “you should be doing this or that.” It’s about working most skillfully for you and your body. Every body, every session, will be different, and this is a big part of determining those differences. It’s a really great part of the work.

Is this work painful? I’ve heard structural work can hurt.

It doesn’t need to cause pain by any means, and it’s certainly not an essential part of the experience. It’s also not a case of “the more it hurts, the better results you’re going to get, so best to suck it up …” We’ll talk in person about this, but in short, the intensity of the session will be largely determined by both of us, and ultimately by you; as in: you’re in the driver’s seat.

I also couldn’t resist sneaking this in here: a really funny re-adaptation of the tried and true 1 – 10 pain scale (from the hilarious blog Hyperbole and a Half). (Note: none of these look like very appealing states to me, except maybe zero; we’ll go for something else altogether!)

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