Moving Blog Homes <3

Hi friends,

As you may be aware, I began a “written word” section — i.e. a blog — on the page for my podcast, The Body Awake. As of this writing, all future posts will be only on there.

So there’s one action step for you to do, please: click this link and sign up.

I have a new one waiting for you, called “On Being a Good Student”  (I’ve linked to it here because this one won’t get emailed to you; all ones here on out will.)

Step two, make sure you get a confirmation email. If not, check your spam folder.

That’s it. Thank you, Dynamic Alignment Bodywork blog! This website will still stay up for people looking for my bodywork practice; it’s just the blog that’s changing homes.

Again, if you haven’t, please do subscribe over at TBA.

Thanks, love and ttys, LB

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