KMI Structural Integration, 75 minutes* : $125

Bodywork and movement coaching, 75-minute session* : $125

Bodywork and movement coaching, 50-minute session : $85

(*Not sure which 75-minute session to choose? Either is fine as it’s the same length of time; we’ll talk when you get here.)

I accept cash or check (preferred), and credit cards.

I need at least 24 hours notice for any cancelled or re-booked appointments. Otherwise, you’ll be billed for your session in full.

On the other side of things: I realize this is a significant financial investment you’re putting into your well-being, and thus if you’re not happy with the work you’ve received, I will refund your session.

The short of it being: I’ll ask for your respect of my time, and I’ll offer you the same.

If you’d like to know about my insurance coverage, please read about that here.

If I need to bill you for any reason, that rate is $120 an hour.