Specialized Movement Sessions via Skype

We'll be able to communicate about movement, often quite effectively, over Skype!

We’ll be able to communicate about movement effectively over Skype.

In these appointments I’ll aim to provide you with insight into your movement and mobility patterns, and how to use that understanding to free yourself from pain. We’ll get to the root of where your pain and discomfort emerge from, and what you can do to bring your body back into alignment.

To book a session, start by sending me an email here.

During a Skype session:

  • I’ll watch you perform some simple movements to assess your patterns
  • You’ll watch me demonstrate movements and awareness exercises
  • We’ll go over your recommended exercises with the time and care we need to make sure you understand them perfectly
  • The bottom line will always be about how this is helping you live more freely, and with less pain, in your real life; that’s what we’re going for!

I acknowledge this is a pretty non-traditional mode of movement training! What I’ve found, though, is that I’m able to help people with just the tools of talking and seeing movement.

Here’s what a couple folks had to say about working with me online …

At first I was skeptical that this [Skype session] could help me, without us actually seeing each other. But the insights and exercises you provided have been instrumental in helping me move past an old ankle injury. I appreciate how you approached our work together in a collaborative way. You didn’t treat me with a cookie-cutter method of healing, and clearly understand that each person is unique with their own set of circumstances that influence the therapeutic process. You went above and beyond in offering different approaches and options for rehabilitation of my injuries … I’ll highly recommend you! — Victoria G via Facebook

I am a runner who since July, 2013 have had a burning/ripping sensation in the heart of my foot. I’ve spent 100’s of dollars trying to treat it with inserts, shoes, stretches, time off and even doctors who continued to tell me I had PF yet exhibited not one of the symptoms … After thinking my career in running was over one afternoon I came across your post [and] tried the Freeing Nerve Entrapment massage … with the help of my husband … got up to walk to see if it made a difference and after about 10 minutes I had NO MORE BURNING/TEARING PAIN!!! Thank you, thank you for your post. You’ve saved my foot, my mind, my health and our bank account. You have got some pretty great Karma heading your way. — Jessica Temple via YouTube