What’s Happening In A Yoga Āsana Besides Stretching, Anatomically Speaking

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As “yoga” and “stretching” are often used synonymously, let’s consider what’s happening in a yoga asana* beyond tissue lengthening, i.e. stretching. 💧 COMPRESSION: as one tissue group lengthens, there’s a corresponding compression, usually on the opposite side of the lengthening. … Continue reading

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It’s Not the Fist; It’s the Clenching

Is alignment important or not? Here’s a 60-sec body-thought experiment to illustrate a proposition: it’s really not about the fist; it’s about the clenching. They’re just so often one and the same, it’s easy to mistake the finger pointing to … Continue reading

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The Middle Way

Imagine you’re looking at a spectrum, a line representing two extremes. On one end, you have complete austerity, whatever that means to you. On the other, you have complete indulgence. Or, perhaps, on one end you have deeply blissful highs, … Continue reading

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New Year Experiments

For the new year, at least the next few months, I’ll be employing one personal experiment per month. Perhaps you’ll join me. Here are the rules of the game: 1. Only one experiment per month. You want to do other … Continue reading

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