Choosing Wisely What to Read

I heard some words from a colleague* that changed the way I research for my work, and prepare to teach. I want to pass those words on here. “It takes a lot for me to open up to read something … Continue reading

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Bringing Aristotle Into the Heart

I think we are being asked, right now in our current politics and daily conversations alike, to bring the Greek revolution of the mind down into the heart. There is one principal in particular, of Aristotle and the sophists, that … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Alignment, Pt 1

Learning “good alignment” can be a helpful, liberating teaching. It can also become a cage, reinforcing neuroses and fragility. These two seemingly opposite truths — that alignment-based work can be both liberating and enslaving — share a common root. That root … Continue reading

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I Held a Handstand For the First Time Yesterday …

… for about 15 seconds. This was a huge deal for me, and not because of why you might think. I wrote to my two training partners with joy, but didn’t share the backstory, largely because they already know it. … Continue reading

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Advice On Finding a Teacher

I I would not trust a teacher Who is not willing to run ’til exhausted Through the streets as if chasing and being chased both,   To make a fool of himself in such a fashion That his audience may … Continue reading

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Failures from 2013

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I just found this in my “drafts” from the end of 2013! I just read it and, though these are no longer my current failures — I’m aspiring to fail better and more grandly each year — I liked the … Continue reading

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“How Do I Stay Motivated?”

(Try this on for size) –> “How Do I Stay Motivated?” Don’t. “But then I will just sit on the couch and nothing will happen.” Are you sure? “Well, pretty damn sure because that’s what I was doing before I … Continue reading

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