“How Do I Stay Motivated?”

(Try this on for size) –> “How Do I Stay Motivated?” Don’t. “But then I will just sit on the couch and nothing will happen.” Are you sure? “Well, pretty damn sure because that’s what I was doing before I … Continue reading

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Getting Physically Stronger by Moving With Uncomfortable Emotions and Thoughts

I just finished my morning movement / workout session with my friend Nicole. (We train together twice a week.)   This morning, as many mornings over this past year, I feel very grateful — and a bit amazed — at … Continue reading

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Āsana as Noun. Āsana as Verb.

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Here’s what a snapshot like this one can give us:   1. an idea about the alignment of the pose, i.e. how tissues, especially bony tissues, relate to one another. This is true both both: … of a body relative … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Epiphany

I’ll speak for myself here: the more I grock the aftermath of epiphany, the more liberated I feel from its clutches. An epiphany, of course, feels wonderful. It’s the gift of new understanding. Sometimes it feels earned; sometimes it feels … Continue reading

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On Release, II

I am contemplating this morning my richly layered relationship with the word, the notion, to “release” — as in releasing limiting beliefs, or fear in the body, or pain. When I was a teenager, I’d read spiritual books and teachers … Continue reading

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What do you mean? This map works great!

“What do you mean? This map works great!” Imagine you encountered someone who believes the earth is flat. (Maybe you don’t have to imagine.) Setting aside any particular huff-ery about being right for a moment, you engage in conversation about … Continue reading

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Fascia, Fluids, Nervous System : Past, Present, Future

Here’s a thought-in-process you might find useful: Your fascia is your past. Your fluids are your immediate present. Your nervous system is your future. Of course, all of these tissues are present now, so this is more like Metaphorical Anatomy. Let … Continue reading

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