Self Care

This page is, probably eternally, under construction. At the request of a few clients, for now, below are a few products I tend to recommend (not all of them to everyone, but at least one of them to some).

Most links go to, where I have an affiliate program and they tend to have the lowest prices. Though of course feel free to buy from wherever 🙂


White Foam Rollers: a basic, inexpensive foam roller for a plethora of uses.

Yamuna Balls: hard bouncy balls that can be amazing tools when used well.


Healthforce Vitamineral Green V5.2 , Powder, 150-Grams: a staple supplement, really a condensed whole food: dark green goodness, really easy to mix with almond milk or the like (the fat in the milk increases the supplement's bioavailability).

Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend - 120 Capsules: I've had good luck with this as a connective tissue (collagen) strengthening supplement.

Healthforce Fruits of The Earth, Powder, 180-Grams: a really good source of all kinds of antioxidant goodies found in berries.

Optimum Nutrition ZMA, 180 Capsules: zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. One of the few supplements that I've found consistently helps me sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more recovered post-workout (taken on an empty stomach before bed).

Books and Videos

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot: recently recommended to me, I like it! Especially cool is showing examples of good posture from a bunch of different cultures, helps infuse the text with a certain (accurate) feel,

Foundation Training: I've been practicing FT movements lately and really like this. It's a simple, effective bodyweight-only exercise protocol geared towards our real core stabilizers - the hips, glutes, hamstrings. Very effective for a lot of people to get out of back pain, it sounds like and that totally makes sense to me.

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