Functional Anatomy for Everybody: Saturday, Nov 2nd

This is a workshop for everybody who wants to learn about their bodies, how we function, move, get hurt and stay well.


If I have flat feet as an adult, is that permanent or can that change?

Do sports like running inherently lead to overuse injuries?

Does working a desk job mean my posture is inevitably screwed?

What does good posture really look and feel like? Should I relax or hold a certain position?

Yes this is an anatomy class, though it’s not about what bone is attached to what ligament. It is all about how this anatomical information applies to you in your life, right now and on a day-to-day basis.

We’ll cover basics like the questions above, and more involving the fundamentals of how we sit, stand, exercise, sleep, ARE in our bodies all the time.

Details: Saturday, Nov 2nd, 11am – 2pm. Held at Heroics Training, 900 Lenora St #140 (right behind the Whole Foods at Denny and Westlake) in Seattle.

Registration is $30 if paid before October 26, $40 after and day-of.

To pre-pay, please either paypal me at (friends and family perfect, thanks) or send a check to 1123 E John St, #6, Seattle WA 98102.

The facebook invite is here.

Thanks, looking forward to this and hope to see you there!

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