Missoula Structural Bodywork Series Offer

Edit: my schedule for this trip to Missoula is all full! Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know for next time.

I’m excited to once again be coming to Missoula to offer a Structural Integration 3-series: a full-body postural tune up that’s meant to actually change how you stand, sit and move for the better, for your life.

I’ll be offering sessions for only 4 people on the following dates: October 3, 6 and 8. 

What is it? In the words of a past Missoula 3-series participant: “I am still noticing [the positive changes] in my body some three plus months later. The work you did has really helped me in terms of how I feel daily.”

 The work we’ll do in this series is meant to be deep, lasting and significant.


Times still open this session:


Cost is $140 for a single session (less recommended, though let me know if you’re interested in this option) or $120 each, so $360 total, for a 3-series.

Location is 28 Willowbrook, my office-away-from-home, in the Rattlesnake in Missoula.

To sign up, reply to this email with your preferred times and I’ll get back to you asap (noting that I’m out of communication Aug 26 – Sept 4).

Again, this work is meant to bring deep, meaningful change to your body and your relationship to it. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions …


More about this work

 A KMI Structural Bodywork 3-series is an opening and realignment of your body—front to back, side to side, and inside out. This kind of work tends to be especially helpful for issues of chronic pain and mis-use patterns (i.e. why does my back always hurt after typing at my computer all day? why do my knees hurt now when I run? those kinds of questions).

The medium of change in this series is primarily the fascia, called our “organ of posture,” within which our bones float. Positive change in our postural and movement patterns can result in a decrease in pain, an increased sense of lift and ease, and a real, kinesthetic “getting to know your body” sense with lots of great implications.

This is not a massage; you’ll be actively engaged, on and off the table, for much of the session. Clothing-wise, you’ll want to bring something that gives us access to your tissues that you feel comfortable being in; most people wear modest underwear or shorts and a sports bra.

My website is at Dynamic Alignment Bodywork.

Cheers, and maybe see you soon, Liam

2 Responses to Missoula Structural Bodywork Series Offer

  1. Daniel Gallacher says:

    Liam – I’m a friend of Kimmy and married to Cynthia Ford. Could I book Oct. 3 at 5:00 PM and Oct. 8 at 3:00 PM?

    Daniel Gallacher

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