Personal Training

I’m excited to offer the latest incarnation of my movement and bodywork training: 50-minute personal training sessions at the Seattle Bouldering Project.

You can   Book a Training Session   with me here.

I’ll be offering these sessions at an introductory, discounted rate of $50 per session (plus gym entry*).

These session are specifically for those who want to increase their strength and mobility, look and feel amazing, and stay in tune with their bodies all the while.

The basic premise, our foundation, is this: You can look good and be in amazing shape, and be healthy, flexible, resilient and injury-free. You don’t have to choose between being strong and being supple, between moving powerfully and moving mindfully.

In each 50-minute session, we’ll do some combination of:

  • Strength training: Build strength and power. It’s super fun and super applicable to life, with lots of fun side effects like fat-burning (which muscles do even when not working out), and a big kick of endorphins and mojo.
  • Skill building: This is a huge one. How do you actually do a squat well? Why shouldn’t you throw your hips forward during a barbell curl? This is an area I think I have a lot to offer, and stand out as a trainer.
  • Flexibility and mobility: Largely built into the movements themselves, sometimes we’ll use props like foam rollers to help you open your body up in a way that allows for new movement.
  • Developing kinesthetic sensitivity: How to move powerfully, with grace and sensitivity. Maintaining deep poise under heavy demand. Imperative for staying strong and injury-free well into your golden years.
  • Fun: Because working out in a gym can be so fun and so awesome. It’s been a huge gift for me, and I was not an athletic kid. Oh, and you’ll be in a super cool climbing gym afterwards if you want to get into that scene (I’ve been climbing for 15 years, was a professional guide for eight, happy to talk with you about what you climbing could look like).

My current schedule allows training slots 4 – 8pm, Mondays and Thursdays.

Book Your Session 

*The $50 you’ll pay directly to me—cash or check—and is in addition to entering the gym. Their day rate is $16, punch cards and membership options available, too (I’m a member, and love it). All of that information is on their website.

Of note: SBP is an awesome gym, not only in size and quality of climbing and gym equipment, but in their staff, ethics and mission. I’m really psyched to be collaborating with them. The gym is great: we’ll have at our disposal free weights, pulley machines, medicine balls, plyometric jump boxes, kettlebells, resistance bands, foam rollers, Bosu balls … and the beautiful arsenal that only a big gym can provide.

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