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Hi guys …

We’re teaching what we feel is a pretty amazing class, for guys like us who want to move confidently through the world, all while being a part of it (and not just, for instance, party all the time … we have jobs, workout routines, wives or girlfriends … y’know, responsibilities that are important to us).

This could be your perfect workshop if you’ve ever wanted to …

– feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor, and at social gatherings in general

– have a sense that your body is your own, and not some distant machinery

– know what to do when you just feel “stuck” in your life

– know what to do in every stage of courting a woman, from the initial approach in a grocery store all the way to her bedroom

– eat and move in a way that makes sense to you, and isn’t just a list of rules to follow

– do all of this in a way that feels genuine, authentic and embodied by YOU

This is not a self-help seminar. It’s an interactive, both-hands-on, ass-kicking soul workout that’s sole purpose is to help you channel a deep inner sense of purpose, power and confidence … Your Embodied Masculine.

Our next class is on Feb 26th from 6:30 – 9:30pm in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

You can sign up by clicking here.

In this class, we will …

– learn 3 of the biggest mistakes guys make when starting a workout routine, or diet

– learn 5 ways to turn your nervous energy into productive energy, whether at a bar approaching a woman or speaking in front of a crowd

– experience a way of movement that feels good! … which you can directly apply to sports, dancing, making love, and walking down the street

– practice the 3 basic movement skills every guy should know, and do daily, to increase his masculine energy

… all in a supportive, energetic, no-bullshit class full of guys like you, like us …

Details: Tuesday, February 26, 6:30 – 9:30pm, at 6533 Earl Ave NW, Seattle.

Sign up and secure your spot by clicking here to pay your $29 class fee via PayPal. We keep classes limited to 20 guys for the most potent experience. Thanks for your commitment; it’s a powerful force.

This will be our first workshop in Seattle, and after successful pilot programs in Portland and San Francisco we are really excited to bring this work to our home community!

Psyched to work with you soon. Thanks for bringing it!

Cheers, Liam and Jason

More about School for the Embodied Masculine …

School for the Embodied Masculine helps men move authentically, powerfully and with increased awareness through today’s complicated world.

It is not about intellectually understanding the phenomenon of manhood. It has everything to do with truly feeling, breathing and living it.

There is a new kind of masculinity underfoot, a way of being a man in today’s world that has to do with how we show up in our work, our relationships and partnerships, our strengths and vulnerabilities. And, most importantly, about showing up in a way that’s real, that’s in integrity with who you know yourself to be, that’s strong and vulnerable both, focused, humorous and kind.

This course, and what comes of it for you, may or may not look at all like you thought it would. If you are ready to take that chance, if something deep inside you feels like “Okay, there’s something in the way I’ve been doing things that’s not working 100%” … We would be honored and excited to have you as part of this process.

SEM uses guided movement and sense-awareness activities in the body as a powerful tool. These activities are meant to increase your fluency in a new language of embodiment, of understanding yourself, others, and your environment.

Please bring a journal, pen, water bottle and come dressed ready to move. We will provide some light snacks, tea and juice.

Again, you sign up here. See you, our brothers, soon.


Liam and Jason

School for the Embodied Masculine

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