Work With Me

* Access my online schedule here *

Or direct for my office in Bellingham WA (my current home; office in Fairhaven), Seattle WA (close by, office in Green Lake) and Missoula MT (my former home and some place I often visit and see clients when I’m there, office downtown).

*for an initial consultation — i.e. if you’re curious but have questions before signing up for a session — please contact me via email and we can set up a time to meet, or chat / email.

This is structurally-based bodywork, with the express purpose of helping you feel more at home in your own bones and skin, i.e. being strong, pain-free and upright without having to fight your posture, and decreasing or eliminating altogether chronic pain.

This is lasting, significant, life-changing work.

[Our work] has given me a new lease on life. After 6 years of pain and suffering, my wife says I now look and act 10 years younger. — Ed, contractor + father

How: Either book an online session (easiest for most people) …

… or if you’d prefer, email me here — bowler (dot) liam (at) gmail (dotcom) — with a one or two preferred days and times, to setup your first session.

Sessions typically last 60 – 75 min (and will never go more than 90 min). Information about my rates is right here.

The work you did was so gentle, sometimes almost imperceptible. But the results are so astounding. Dan G (read more here)

A Bit More on What We Can Do Together:

  • 12 sessions, or a full KMI Structural Integration series. I have yet to go through a series with anyone who wasn’t super happy with their decision to have committed, to have said yes and done it. A KMI series is a journey, profound and often life-changing. Almost certainly, you’ll end a different person than you began, in a really good way. Read more about KMI here.

Best bodywork I’ve ever had.  Times ten. — Emily, preschool teacher + triathlete

  • 3 – 5 sessions: a kind of mini-series, often a follow up for folks who have already done an SI series, though a wonderful and effective number of sessions regardless.

I feel amazed at what your work was able to accomplish in the first two sessions. Looking forward to the third. — Mary A, psychiatrist + mother

  • 1 session: this is where we all start anyway, no? If you feel like “sounds interesting, but I don’t know …” then great, I’d recommend just book one session.

Update: 11 hours outside last weekend – moving almost the whole time with full rack/rope in boots/crampons – ZERO numbness.  Huge victory.  Thanks so much! — David, father + owner of Inner Icon Fitness, after one session

Other Logistics:

  • I’ll send you a follow up email, with directions to the office and a couple other preparations, when you book a session.

Cheers, Liam

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