Year in Review : Seven Things I’ve Learned

1. We are not assembled from parts. Nor do we function as a summation of parts. This is not just a cute idea that we function as a whole; it’s literally how we work. (For more, see Why Car Analogies Are Bogus, and then if you’re feeling savvy, take the Anatomy Pop Quiz).

2. We change. We sometimes tend to think of this mostly as a negative thing, no? Like oh, I’m getting old so I’m changing for the worse. Or that we’re basically the same, only just skinnier or fatter, stronger or weaker, than we used to be. All that can be true, and … the very foundational shape of who you are is subject to change. In fact, that’s what structural integration is all about. I’ve experienced this change now quite remarkably in my own structure, and with a growing number of clients.

3. I love being up in front of crowds. I taught and co-taught with Brian Crosier, PT, two really awesome Functional Anatomy clinics. Here’s one poster. Two more coming up this spring: one for skiers on January 18th and another for climbers in March. Check back for details, or contact me to be put onto the DAB mailing list.

4. The body and the mind tend to be expressions of one another. I can’t help but to have seen this to be true. I don’t think this implies we should try to force positive thoughts into our heads, or wear dippy smiles all day and pretend to be unaffected by our lives. I do think this means that work on the body tends to affect the psyche, and vice versa.

5. Posture and movement are likewise interrelated. As in, if we’re thinking of good posture as something static to achieve and hang onto, we’re largely missing the boat. That said, if you feel like your stride is a little off, you may be in good company here.

6. Research shows lots to be wary of with the use of NSAIDs, like ibuprofen. This is the topic of my next post after this, so stay tuned, but the short for now is: if you can not take them it’s probably best not to, especially prophylactically (i.e., before an event that you think you will likely make you really sore) or long-term.

7. Our world is rapidly changing. Need we any more evidence than to look around? Here’s to our good fortune thus far, even and especially in its most disguised of forms.

Happy New Year, y’all. Peace, Liam

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