At Best, At Worst: The Scope of Content

At best, looking at someone’s alignment is a lens to see their structure objectively, to move toward better function, ease and enjoyment of life.

At worst, it’s total fear-mongering  like “well, your back might feel fine now, but it won’t in five years if you don’t fix that tilted pelvis!”

I would guess that in not too long, future civilizations will study ours and marvel a bit at one of the craziest belief systems we hold now: that what we’re really lacking is the perfect plan, or belief system.

I started with a physical example (because that’s what this blog is about, right?), though this kind of relating is everywhere.

At best, a socially just government really helps the poor people of its country get a little help when they need it, god bless. At worst, there are plenty of 25-year-old kids on welfare who smoke weed all day (god bless them too).

At best, a prescribed workout routine is a catalyst into real, inspired health. At worst, it’s something you drone to, another item on your shit-to-do list, that leaves you injured and wishing you were more like the tan yoga instructor who sold you the year-long package.

At best, positive thinking is an amazing break in the dark chatter of a depressed mind. At worst, it’s a kind of hollow lack of engagement with anything not light and sparkly (that, ironically, we resist and that leaves us more depressed … have you noticed?).

At best, insight into the nature of reality is a genuine, lived thing. At worst, it’s doctrine, dogma and fear in disguise.

Let’s stop pretending that the solution is ultimately about a better routine. It isn’t. It isn’t about trying harder either. Nor about saying okay, forget it, and giving up.

What to do then? Forget everything you think you know, and listen for the answer to that question right … now …

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