Tight shoulders when reaching overhead? This one’s for you.

This is an awesome stretch/proprioceptive-wakeup/joint mobility exercise for a more free shoulder girdle and better overhead reach if that’s a point of restriction for you like it is for guys like me.

Of note, firstly: limited internal rotation is what I’m opening up here. This is, of course, only one scenario that might limit somebody’s overhead reach. I note it here with such enthusiasm because I had been doing the same thing I note at the beginning of the video: addressing the scapula/arm relationship as one unit, and not actually getting into the inner workings of the shoulder. (And yes, if you ask, it does seem so obvious now!)

Secondly: the “dumping of force” thing I’m talking about at 1:08, while an accurate concept, is not really shown here (instead of going from neutral to overextended, as I would when standing, when sitting it looks more like going from flexion into neutral).

Just fyi if you’re taking notes!

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