Neuropathy, Assumptions, Proof

For this post, I wanted to share a conversation I had over someone who watched and commented on one of my YouTube videos (the one that kind of went crazy with the 20,000+ views).

I think this conversation points to something really important, how tissues, how we, do or don’t regenerate. And to encourage some questioning of old assumptions, so old and so assumptive we often don’t even know they’re there.

This conversation ends with question only, and in that sense isn’t inspirational like “here’s how this guy got past his pain after a ‘permanent’ diagnosis”—I haven’t heard back from him, and may never—tho’ I hope it gets some gears turning for you. (Obviously, for sure and of course: I’m just trying my best, giving my best educated guess, here too! I’m not a doctor, not a physical therapist, nor anyone who can diagnose per se, much less over the internet. Again, the important part, I think, is the question.)

The guy says:

I have a tingling, burning, stinging pain in the bottom of both feet and in the toes that started at the same time. I can’t relate to what caused it besides that I do cycle a lot. After over three months I can barely walk they hurt so much, I had a EMG test and was told I have damaged nerves – Neuropathy. I was told there was nothing I could do to fix the problem. He put me on Gabapentin 300mg and said it could take up to a month before the med starts helping. I have found out if I press on a nerve on the bottom of my foot in the area of the arch my pain goes crazy…  I know what the doctor said but the nerve I pressed on sure seem to be the source of my pain.

My reply:

Hey Robert, sorry to hear that amigo … I’d go see a highly-reviewed PT, or practitioner like what I do, asap! Sounds like some release could be really helpful, and at LEAST get another opinion besides going right to the gaba … my 2 cents

He reiterates:

My Neurologist did a EMG test and told me that I had peripheral neuropathy.

And here’s my reply, and the part I wanted to emphasize …

Totally, I’m just saying I’d go get a second opinion.

Maybe you already have. And obviously I don’t know that what your neurologist said is or isn’t absolutely true—that there’s nothing you can do to fix it—but I think it’s at least worth another look by another practitioner, preferably from a different field.

There was a time not long ago when most medical practitioners thought posture, i.e. the amalgamation of joint spaces that give you your particular shape, was fixed and unchangeable. That’s patently not true, as most would agree now.

I think much of what’s emerging around metabolic conditions and neurology will prove to be much more curable than the standard med thinks now … Just a hunch, and hope it helps.

Back to us, I’ll end the same way: hope this helps! Cheers, LB

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