Try This One On

Your body craves movement. If you’re ill, or unhappy or injured, move.
But first let’s get clear: I don’t mean pushups or running (though it may include either or both of those), not tai chi or barefoot walking or circulating tantric energy.
I mean a movement that begets a wisdom that begets more movement, that is unique to you, the one now reading these words. It is not the opposite of rest, and in fact may indeed take the form of rest itself.
It is a starting place, one that is always and only a starting place, though it would be a sad misunderstanding to equate that with “going nowhere.” Movement is ONLY defined by what is happening. It is not something that arrives or does not arrive.
Please do not mistake this for a philosophical rant. I mean you, your body, your tissues and immediate lived sense of your life. Movement is a real, actual, feet-on-the-ground doing; it is the opposite of philosophical overload.
It is beginning that workout routine right now, today. Not in an “awww, that’s cute and motivational” sort of way, but in a way that actually scares the shit out of you and you know it.
You might fail, might not achieve your goals, might only make it halfway out of your chair before your father’s voice reminds you you’re no good and so you smoke a cigarette instead …
But none of that is actually happening right now.
That point, that possibility, is not movement, however horrifying or grandiose. Movement is ONLY available right now.
It’s spending more time stretching your adductors, even though forward bends make you look and feel more impressive.
It’s stretching instead of heavy squats. It’s heavy squats instead of stretching. It’s staying the course instead of bailing, and bailing instead of staying the course.
It’s beginning a regimen of anti-depressants, despite the critical voice that this is Western Medicine and therefore “giving up.”
It’s beginning a conversation you’ve needed to have for a long time, the one whose end you don’t know — you CAN’T know; you can only move … Your voice, your intent, in the direction you know you must go … Your trembling body, moving in the only way it knows how to move and still feel itself … (Try being out of integrity and still tuning into deep sensation in the body; good luck) …
It’s not incessant doing, or a right or wrong posture, or always or even mostly being in motion. You can still sit in a chair, or watch TV or get drunk or whatever the hell you want to do.
But you remember, you ask, how am I moving right now?
Move. If you’re ill, or unhappy or injured, move.
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2 Responses to Try This One On

  1. Nancy Rose says:

    So happy to read this, as I have been figuring out how to move after a period of not much movement. I am loving where it is leading, on a lot of levels, and delighted at the “more than” that occurs, the rewards from the effort, or gesture, the awakening, the breathing, the being in the moment I’m in, by paying attention and moving … gently … and then, one slow step at a time, walking up Mt Aeneas.
    Hugs to you!
    Nancy Rose

    • Liam Bowler says:

      Hey, thanks for the report, dear Nancy … Sounds like a fruitful journey! Glad to hear it. Enjoy your walk; I will, too 🙂 Hugs back, LB

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