5 Paradoxes in Movement Training*

* at least the kind of movement training I’m interested in sharing

1. we’ll break down “you” into parts, sometimes minutiae, ultimately to serve you, the complete, non-separate whole.

2. we’ll work complex movements to ultimately serve the very simple movements of your day-to-day life—sitting, standing, walking, picking stuff up, breathing and smiling—not to get good at those complex movements per se.

3. great effort and strength, in service of great mobility and freedom.

4. working right at the weakest points in a chain, in a very humble way, for ultimately the greatest life force, or chi or whatever you want to call it, capacity. (you can envision how a very small mechanical change makes all the difference when reconnecting electrical wires.)

5. the training is 100% about the body, ultimately to access beyond, while very much including, the body. (the holon: thanks, ken wilber, for “transcend and include.”)


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