On Subtlety

It’s unfortunate, I think, if the process of tuning into body sensation is always thought of and described as being “subtle.”

Like the nearly-imperceptible differences one might accommodate in the lumbo-sacral + sacro-iliac neighborhoods while in a movement practice like yoga, or whilst deadlifting … Little changes can be a HUGE, game-changing, back-pain-or-no-back-pain, difference.


But back to subtlety.

From one point of view—in this case, a range of motion point of view—that a little shift is a subtle shift is absolutely true.

From another point of view that little shift is as obvious as the rising sun after a dark night.

If you were watching two violinists perform the same piece, you would see their fingers doing pretty much — if not to your eyes *exactly* — the same thing.

And yet, one player could be, very obviously to you, on key … while the other is quite off. All this while their respective “alignment,” only in quotes here to highlight the movement/fitness world parallels, were pretty much identical.

And this would be obvious to you, this on and off key-ness, and to almost anyone who’s not tone-deaf.

Back to movement, and the body, and how we teach and share information.

The description of “subtle” can be a wonderful and really accurate pointer, that says something to the effect of “you’re going to listen for a voice you likely haven’t fully heard yet.”

But don’t, in your own heart and mind, stop there. It’s not subtle. It’s the smell, the sound, the feeling: the other, non-visual, senses.


ps if you haven’t read it and care to (I’ve been thinking of a follow up to this article for a long time now) …https://dynamicalignmentbodywork.com/2014/02/27/alignment/

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