My Weekly Routine. This Week.

I am sometimes asked about my workout routine, by friends and other curious souls who see the stuff I post. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile: look back at a week and see what I did for training. I’ll post that below.
Much gratitude for the inspiration, largely, to Ido Portal’s work on diversity. I’ve been quite impacted by his videos and approach (tho’, if you’re familiar with his work, I’ll also add there’s some of his approach, at least as I see it played out in this country, that I don’t resonate with, but so it is and that’s another conversation).
The main blocks of my “movement diet*” of the last week, as best as I can recall:
– morning meditation and yoga (about 30 min total)
– afternoon yoga (45 min)
– shoulder rehab: mobility and strength (20 min)
– capoiera (1 hour)
– morning meditation (10 min)
– squats and hanging (30 min)
– super gentle, explorative, continuum (60 min)
– 3 miles-ish walk/hike (1 hr)
– morning meditation (10 min)
– afternoon yoga (90 min)
– crossfit: strength focus (1 hr)
– fusion dance (2 hrs)
– morning crossfit: endurance focus (1 hr)
– afternoon yoga (45 min)
– shoulder rehab: mobility and strength (30 min)
– afternoon yoga (60 min)
– contact improvisation (90 min)
– evening hike (1 hr)
– morning meditation and yoga (about 30 min total)
– shoulder rehab: strength (30 min)
– capoiera (1 hr)
– morning meditation and yoga (about 1 hr total)
– yoga, very restorative (45 min)
– afternoon run/walk** (about 1 hr)
– bouldering (1 hr)
Weds (today; thus far)
– morning meditation and yoga (about 30 min total)
– the gym: leg strength (squats) and overhead shoulder mobility
… Lots of mini-walks in there too, 10-30 min, interspersed on a little trail behind my house. Also, a very important part of my body’s unfolding has been developing my resting squat. Ido Portal’s work and explanation of this is par none. Google it, or search facebook for “30/30 squat challenge”
* In quotes less because of the diet analogy, and more because, of course, I’m just naming the times I set aside to “do movement training” which excludes the gazillions of movements from typing to making breakfast to looking for a bird I just heard. Those, a la Katy Bowman’s work, are a really important component of the diet, too.
** Running feels so, so different now than it used to (I was never much of a runner, but did once train for and run a marathon, which was a really cool and difficult experience.)
My running now, when I do it, consists of: run as long as I feel springy.
When I start to feel like I’m landing with a thud, I walk and start running again when—the mechanism as I picture it—my collagen/fascial fibers have re-crimped enough to provide the elastic recoil spring effect. (For more on this effect, I’d suggest episode 4 of my podcast, The Body Awake.)
One of the things that strikes me in composing this list, now, is how it seems like a lot on paper, though I feel more “lazy”—in a good way—than I ever have. Also I feel the strongest, most mobile and least injured I’ve ever been.
My golden rule, at least for 90 – 95% of this, is I just want to have fun.
(I was at crossfit the other night and one of the other students said, after I told him I come once every week or every other week, on average, that that wasn’t the way to get strong … I told him roger that, but that’s not why I come here. We both smiled; he didn’t ask why I do come so we left it at that:))
Back to the original question, inasmuch as it implies looking for a hierarchy in what I do now: I had to pick a main jam for this current phase of my life, for sure: yoga. That feels like my daily bread-and-butter (most days, anyway), and much more mental/emotional time than it feels like “physical training,” tho’ of course it’s that too.
Most “comes natural and easy” to me: the gentle, explorative work, like Continuum.
Most challenging and mentally kicking my ass right now: Capoiera.
Lastly, I think I didn’t make this list for a long time, at least to share, because it can feel so bro-y, like check out all I do, bro. I think it still does a bit, thus this disclaimer 😉 … but I think it’s a legit question and, honestly, I like reading this info about other people that I find interesting.
So there it is! Love, LB
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