The Homunculus’ Hands

homonculusOur hands are so immensely rich with nerve endings.

Beautiful how we’ve evolved thusly: to be able to pick up on exquisite detail in another’s physiology, faint ripples in their fluid tides, excursion of deep joints, yawn and sigh of the spleen.

And then, of course, how that can help heal another person’s dilemmas. (I’m on my way to see clients now, so this is, as often, on my mind.)

Our hands are so sensitive, I’m sure, for a gajillion “reasons” which include lots of keep-us-safe type stuff, and fine motor detail. But on that note, it’s also worth noting: this is not a motor homonculus; it’s a sensory one.

Meaning, and we’ll end with explaining the image: the size of body parts represent the distribution of sensory — afferent, meaning returning to the CNS with information — nerve distribution.

Perhaps not what you imagined? It was an eye-opener when I first saw it. Notice how small his genitals are, and then, of course, the immensity of hands and most everything in his face, lips especially.

So deeply sensitive, we are.

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