One-Two Punch

It’s a one-two punch* with no particular beginning, a dance to the end.

Step one is fill out your body map: meditation, awareness, slow yoga, the feldenkrais method and the alexander technique, ecstatic “move as you please” type dance, many “embodiment” practices, walking meditation, finding your big “Yes” and knowing whatever you do is right.

Step two is work with the raw material, the stuff of *what’s* mapped: task-oriented movement of all sorts, strength training, running, a deep breath before a big presentation, pushing and pulling heavy things, active stretching, finding your big “Hell No” and knowing you don’t know shit.

Both so important. Easy to camp out in one or the other, having found a certain liberation there, no?


Painting by the late Maria Lassnig

*This analogy is, of course, both a false dichotomy in that no movement practice is either one or the other, but rather tends to emphasize a certain body-mind attitude, and that’s what I’m pointing to here.

This one-two-ness also gives a false sense of linearity. It’s more chicken-and-egg, or perhaps what the Buddha would’ve referred to as the mutual co-arising of phenomena.

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