Ruminations on Alignment, Pt 1

Learning “good alignment” can be a helpful, liberating teaching. It can also become a cage, reinforcing neuroses and fragility.

These two seemingly opposite truths — that alignment-based work can be both liberating and enslaving — share a common root.

That root is hard to put into words, though even incremental deepening in one’s understanding of *that* can be quite liberating.

This “alignment conversation” happening within a person is something I’ve been investigating deeply for many years — in my own body and the bodies in my care. It’s an ongoing question for me.

This is the first video of a series, each progressively more refine, nuanced and subtle. So we’ll start here, at the most gross and overt: the meta bony relationships (which is, indeed, what most people think of when they say the word “alignment”).

This is Video One.

The gist: When we say “alignment,” we are really referring to a body in relation to itself. This can be a change in thinking because we often *use* objects outside the body as reference points — i.e. stand up straight, bring your hand up to the ceiling, open your chest forward.**

Emotional flavor: humility (to back off and find what’s being glossed over), and clear seeing / feeling.

** Note: this isn’t about changing your cues per se; it’s about clear seeing. “How to teach” is another topic altogether.

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  1. sally brown says:

    Thank You!!!

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