Muscles and Peas

“How many times a week should I do this movement to get strong and mobile in [name your body part of choice]?”

Fair question. And for anyone as an individual, there’s likely a good answer. If we’re talking about a general application, however—i.e. do this 5 times per week for rockin’ abs—we might be wise to deeply consider our own experience. Not consider like ponder over tea, but like pay attention while we’re moving and listen for the obvious (i.e. interoception).

It’s like if you were a gardener, and wanted to know: how often should I water my peas?

Where do you live? What’s the climate like generally?

How much sun are these peas getting?

Has it been raining?

Are these peas any particular varietal? What do you know about them?

What’s the soil like?

How far along are these peas in their growth?

What altitude and latitude are you at?

What do you already know if you’ve done this before?

… and maybe this is an obvious one, but still: are you sure you want peas?

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