On the Nature of Opening and Mobility

Whether you can bend into a full pretzel, or can’t touch your shins, the game is still the same: the benefit of movement is made possible by restriction.

Don’t wait to be more open — or for anything — to start moving, to start living, now.

You experience the physiological benefits of movement when you move well. You don’t experience more benefit when you reach a particular place in the opening process.

So why be in a hurry? Pay attention yes, by all means, and move towards opening, yes! But the point is not to arrive; the point is to move.

WaterThe container of your body, and everything about it including restrictions, is the means by which we interact. It shapes the rules of this particular game, on this particular day. And it — you — will always be there, hypertonic or loose, supple or hard, scrawny or muscular. (Y’know … until you’re not.)

Playing by someone else’s rules, or the rules you wish were in effect, is like playing soccer with a frisbee, or digging a hole with a hammer. It’s not like they’re not good tools; they’re just not in the right game.

We don’t move despite our limitations; we move because of them. That’s the nature of form and movement, of having an inside and out.

Have fun out there. For all of us 🙂

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