El Año Nuevo

Buenos días de México! Y feliz año nuevo, y todo that has passed since I closed my practice in Seattle and began this sabbatical time.

 I’ve been in Mexico just over one month. This after a month in Austin, that after two months in Montana, my beloved homeland. This last leg, Mexico, has definitely felt the most emotionally challenging to me. All three have been different intensives of sorts in Life 101 — all beautiful, deep and useful in their own right.

 I’ve not been publishing any writing, nor making any videos. This has felt like an important step for me: letting everything, all my ideas about how things work, go.

 My feeling is that tide is starting to turn a bit, again, towards the outer world, towards production and how I can both be of use in this world and have a good time doing it (or as F. Buechner said: “the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”)

 I see, at least in a lot of our culture, the need and desire for:

  • inexpensive, sane health care — also simple where applicable — especially for chronic and metabolic pain/disorders
  • movement that is both fun (play) and yet uses smart progressions and has answers (training); if play is for the inner child, training is for the inner adult; both seem important to me
  • body-centered guidance for those who are energetically sensitive (a lot, and I’m guessing more and more, are), while still living your normal life: being a mother, husband, employee, etc
  • more lived, no-nonsense empathy, and ASAP; from climate change to education reform to the day-to-day how we talk to each other, this seems to me a, if not the, central pillar supporting real and lasting positive change

 I feel excited about being part of the conversation, well underway already, about all of those needs above. This excitement has been there for awhile and is getting further stoked during my time off (for which, you may recall, the sole mission has been: burn everything; see what remains and grows naturally, with minimal if any management).

 How this will happen, i.e. what I’ll do … I’m still unsure. I do imagine, and get the hunch, that it’ll be at least a rebranding of what I do and what I can offer. One affect is my website name, and thus location including blog, might change (but the switch’ll be easy, promise, if you’ll like to join me in this new movement, and I hope you will).

 I’ve lost almost all interest, as far as I can tell, in trying to be or sound like someone else, even a little bit. What a gift.

So, my next steps seem to me, in summary: keep listening close, keep writing a lot, keep moving and learning a lot, in ways both obvious and subtle, both fun and emotionally terrifying. And when comes the time to create, create.

Adios, from last night's sunset over San Miguel de Allende.

Adios, from last night’s sunset over San Miguel.

I will keep you posted.

Thank you all who have sent me your thoughts, guidance, questions, considerations and well wishes. (There’s an amazing crew of people following this blog and on my e-list!)

Cheers, paz, luz, amor,


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4 Responses to El Año Nuevo

  1. Mary Levine says:

    Hi Liam, I enjoy reading about your journey. I am in Mexico also, but happy with investigation at a minimum, unlike you. Different stages on the trail. We are in Sayulita until March 26 are you headed this way?🌴🌴🌵🌵

    • Liam Bowler says:

      Hi Mary, good to hear, all around 🙂 Probably not heading that way, but you never know when we might bump into each other, eh? This small world …

  2. Jon Howe says:

    El Bee! Que bien oirte! I was just on an errand that took me to Montana, so naturally tho’t of you…and texted you on Thursday wondering “where are you?” Two days later you wrote? And here you are, Monday. In my inbox? Do you fit in there? No, but you can visit anytime. New Year and i feel like i’m on the move even tho i’m ‘still’ here. Read a book about eco-villages. Went to a personal effectiveness seminar. An article i wrote published in a local sailing rag. Going to a lecture on transitioning toward sustainability. Basically ‘stirring the pot.’ Sound familiar? Vaya con dioses y diosas, jon

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